Internet Research Assistant

Internet Research Assistant

The Internet is a great resource, which can help you streamline your business. Often, there is a need to research the Internet to gather crucial information that may be required for your business. Hiring a full-time employee only to perform tasks such as Internet research is difficult due to the various cost factors associated with it. Instead, you can hire a virtual remote assistant from Flatworld Solutions. The assistant hired by you will work on the tasks delegated by you, from a remote location. Thus, you will not have to incur additional costs such as employee insurance, computer, furniture, etc.

We offer additional features that allow you to conduct more complex research. Here is a sampling of what some of these features allow you to do:

  • Randomly assign participants to conditions in experimental research
  • Use logins/usernames and passwords for your participants
  • Provide your participants with customized feedback about their responses and/or the average responses (e.g., means, standard deviations, correlations) in your sample
  • Measure reaction times

Tasks That Our Virtual Assistant Can Do

Our virtual assistant can undertake the tasks mentioned below, for which Internet research is required:

  • Checking flight schedules and booking flights online
  • Identifying business hotels on the Internet
  • Checking online networking websites for business opportunities
  • Finding information on the latest technology
  • Any other task for which you need to do research on the Internet